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Welcome to The Fit Munchies, online platform that inspires and empowers women who have difficulty finding the balance between their daily activities and investing enough time in their own health and well-being.

Every few years or so, a new diet hype starts and everyone starts to follow the new diet X. The diet has a new approach to eating and seems to give amazing results. However, looking back after a year or two, you will see many people who followed this new diet are back in the place they were when they started. Whatever diet is trending right now, and whatever diet we choose to follow, we all know weight loss is the result of a simple equation: energy in – energy out = weight loss or weight gain, and if we want to have a fit and toned body we will have to work out and train our muscles. But if it is so simple, why there are still so many people in the shape they do not want to be in? Why do we fall back after initially succeeding and obtaining great results?

We are only beginning to understand nutrition and all the interactions different food types have with our bodies. After reading about so many different methods and opinions about dieting, in the end there always remains the same question. Why doesn’t it lead to permanent or at least very long term results?

In a way all diets work, not based on which approach they take to our way of eating, but due to the fact that when you start a diet, you will change from your usual unhealthy way of eating to a healthier and more organized way of eating. As obviously your previous way of eating was not working for you and lead you to the place you are right now, changing up the way you’re eating will give you results. The problem is that this way of eating might not be the best for you and not sustainable for a long time. There is no one way of eating, no perfect formula or combination of carbs, protein and fat that will work for everybody. The food that might be perfect for your individual body type, metabolism, and lifestyle might have and adverse effect on someone else and make her gain weight and feel tired all the time. Each person has its own dietary needs based on genetics and lifestyle.

So the key to lose weight and feel happy, energetic and fulfilled in the long term is to understand your own individual needs. There are many more aspects to “living a healthy and active lifestyle” than food and exercise alone. Aspects that are often underestimated and not worked on, or paid enough attention to, while following a diet or making a lifestyle change. Next to diet and exercise, a great relationship, friendships, a fulfilling career and enough time for personal development and spirituality affect a persons health and happiness. When you work on improving all these aspects of your life and finding a diet and exercise routine that works for your unique body type and lifestyle, you will feel great and energized and weight loss will come naturally. You don’t need to read all nutrition books available and try every single diet. Listen to your body, focus on how you feel. Your body knows what it needs to feel great. All people who have successfully lost weight and changed their lifestyle have looked further than a new fad diet and changed their diet and lifestyle according to what works for their own bodies and personal needs.

Why The Fit Munchies?

Let’s look at some definitions.


1. To be the proper size and shape
2. To be in harmony; agree
3. Healthy; keeps fit with diet and exercise


1. A craving for snack foods
2. Food for snacking
3. (Cookery) snacks or food collectively

When saying ‘Fit Munchies’ I do not only refer to craving ‘fit food’ but also craving a ‘fit lifestyle’ and being fit in all possible aspects, mentally and physically, feeling healthy and full of energy and joy.
Here at The Fit Munchies we will explore all aspects that are important if you want to become the happiest, healthiest and fittest version of yourself and hopefully it will help you to reach your own personal goals.

While learning about so many different methods and opinions about dieting, I was always left with the same question. Why doesn’t it lead to permanent or at least very long-term results? How is it possible we still don’t really understand how nutrition works and why are there still so many people unhealthy and overweight. I started to see that being fit, healthy and happy, is a result of many different life factors. Next to diet and exercise, family, personal development, friendships and career affect a persons health, happiness and ability to maintain a healthy weight. I started to read ad exploring everything I could regarding food, exercise and living an overall healthy and happy life and finally decided to get certified as a Life Coach to be able to really help and support people in becoming the best versions of themselves.

I currently focus on young women who have difficulty finding the balance between their daily activities and investing enough time in their own health and well-being or have difficulties to find a diet that makes them feel great. I hope The Fit Munchies will become your resource for guidance and coaching that will help you to become the best version of yourself and feel healthy, fit and full of energy.

If you want to contact me with any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]


All information on this website is based on the knowledge I gained during my studies and during years of my own personal research in the field of health and nutrition.

I’m happy to share my passion and knowledge and help you out where I can so please feel free to contact me and ask me anything if you have doubts, but in case you want to use my health and lifestyle tips and introduce them in your life, always contact your physician to check if they won’t cause you any harm. I am not a doctor and information on this website should not be considered medical advice.All opinions are my own and products are bought with my own money unless stated otherwise.

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