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One of the biggest problems we have that is stopping us from reaching our goals is our own inner self-talk. We constantly criticize ourselves for what we say, do, and how we look. When we don’t meet our own expectations we usually find a way to punish ourselves, not noticing that the expectations and limits we put for ourselves are probably way too strict and unachievable. Let’s see how we can improve the way we ‘talk’ to ourselves.

Let’s change our perspective

Imagine your younger self, 10 – 15 years younger than you are now. Imagine you are spending a day with her, what would you tell her. What would you do together what are the doubts and struggles this young girl has and what would be your advice for her? If you were to prepare food for this girl, what would you prepare? Where would you take her to eat out?

Sit down and take 30 min to an hour to write down every detail of the conversations you would have with her and what your advice would be.

Once you’re done read your letter carefully. You see the difference with how you actually treating yourself right now? What is the reason for this? What makes you now different from that younger girl? You’re still the same person. If you would do this for exercise in 10 years from now, wouldn’t it be the same as in the letter you just wrote?

Mark every good advice you gave to your younger self and start saying that to yourself on a daily basis. Imagine you are talking to this younger girl and change the way you talk. Be less aggressive and more understanding. Talk to yourself with more compassion and love.

It isn’t easy but try to keep visualizing this young girl when you judge yourself and slowly you will be able to change.

Was this helpful for you? Do you have additional tips and tricks to improve the way you talk to yourself? Please leave them in the comments below.

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