Why Meal Plans Don’t Work To Reach Your Health And Fitness Goals


The first thing many women look for as soon as they make the decision they want to change their life, lose weight and get fit, is a meal plan. They look for new diets to try or maybe want to follow the exact meal plan of someone they admire. However, most of the time following a meal plan doesn’t work and in the long run, it won’t help you to reach your health and fitness goals.

There are many factors that play a role when you look to make long-term changes. Following a meal plan initially might help to lose some weight and see change. Just the fact that you are conscient of what you are eating and following a well-planned meal guide will help you lose some weight or look fitter.

However it’s very hard to stick to a plan in the long term, life happens.. we get busy, stressed, we have social events, something unexpected happens in our life and we are not able to follow the plan as prescribed. There usually is little flexibility. The number of times you need to eat in a day, the time schedule or the times it takes to prepare the foods might not fit in with your lifestyle. Not being able to stick to a plan 100% of the time might slow down your results and be demotivating as you might feel like failing. Next to that food plans usually have little variety and do not include our favorite foods. Meal plans are very general and not adjusted to your personal taste and lifestyle.

Review your current diet

A much better approach is to look at what you currently eating and start making little changes to your current diet that will help you reach your goals. Look at what you are usually having for breakfast. Is it a nutritious breakfast? Does it satisfy you? Does it help you to reach your health and fitness goals?

Be honest with yourself and think about the little things you could change to your current breakfast routine that will improve it. Also, come up with 3 healthy different breakfast options, so you can change things up whenever you feel like and won’t feel like you are not sticking to a plan. Also what happens when you eat out for breakfast or if you don’t have time to have breakfast one day? Which healthy choices could you make at restaurants? What would be something you can take with you on the go that is healthy and will make you feel good until you’ll be able to have your next meal?

The coming weeks you could choose one meal a week you will work on to improve. This way in a few weeks you will change your diet and adjust it perfectly to your own personal needs and lifestyle. This way you will create a way of eating that is much more sustainable over time and will help you reach your goals.

Every few months or so you could repeat this process and review your diet. Does your current way of eating still work for you? Are there better options?

Please let me know what you think about this approach? What do you think about meal plans? Do you follow a specific meal plan at the moment? Let me know in the comments below.

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Why Meal Plans Don't Work To Reach Your Health And Fitness Goals by www.thefitmunchies.com

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